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This is the tool I wanted when I was preparing to take the February 2000 Bible Content Exam. If you're preparing for that exam, this site was designed especially for you! But anyone can use it to improve their Bible knowledge. God bless you!

Steve Whitney


The Tests

Just click a year to take that year's test or choose a category from the menu beneath each year to focus on one part of the test. Instructions are available below if you need them.

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Printable text versions of several Bible Content Exams are available.

The contents of these tests are the property of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  The software and formatting used on this site are copyright © 2000-2011 by Stephen A. Whitney.  All rights reserved.  The Bible reference links are from the Bible Gateway.


It's very simple.  Just scroll through the questions, clicking what you think is the correct answer for each one (A, B, C, or D).  If you need a little help, you can click the "Bible reference" link below the question to see the Bible passage the question is based on.  (It's OK - this is a learning tool, not a test. :-)  But do note that the quotations on the test are always from the NRSV and the Bible reference window will have NIV text.

When you're done, click the "Score Practice Test" button at the bottom of the screen.  A score of 70 out of 100 is passing. You'll also see how you did in each category. The program normally only shows you the answers you got wrong, but you can click the small box near the "Score Practice Test" button to see all of the answers.

After you take a test, you will have lots of options to create special tests on the subjects you need to work on or over all of the questions you got wrong. Just click the links. You can bookmark (or "add to favorites") these customized tests to come back to them later.

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Thanks to Eric Ledermann, Suzanne D'Spain, Julie Kim, David Brown, Mike Foster, Beverly Ewing, John Reed, Deborah Matthews, Heather Reichgott, Stephanie Croom, Sally Cooper Larson, and Leslie Veen for typing tests! Thanks to Mike Frandsen, Anthony Damelio, Lucus Keppel, Matthew Gaventa, and Harry Workman for helping me reconstruct the February 2010 test. Thanks to San Francisco Theological Seminary for funding the typing of the first 10 exams.


Text versions of the Bible Content Exam

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